THE BIG DAMN HEROES PHANTOM. pimped out by graffiti from every baddass elite in da hood

its so sexy!" - pawnee upon first seeing it finished.

"NOW WE PIMP THE FAQ OUT OF IT" - Otha to the quote above.

The Heroes hood is Pawnee's personal Phantom made for the spec-ops squad:



it was created by pawnee and otha to make a hood for all the badass elites.


  • its a ho grabber (happy juhii)
  • it FUCKING HUGE (bigger than phantoms)
  • if you click on the picture the cockpit has a dick on it. the joke was made by pawnee due to cock-pit gettit?
  • it has evry covenant gun and vechicle in side its armory and garage.
  • its modified to have unique weaponry.
  • it was made in poland so its actually a separist phantom.

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