Cquote1I don't think it even exists.Cquote2
— Feeble-minded Marine
Cquote1I dare you to look at itCquote2
— Master Beef to Arby
Cquote1Were it so easy...Cquote2
— Arbiter's response
Cquote1It killed Flip-Yap!!!Cquote2
— Random Grunt
Cquote1It killed Yap-Flip!!!Cquote2
— Same Grunt
— Gravemind after dipping one of his tentacles into the pit
Cquote1NOOOOOOOOO I N3VR G0T 2 S33 MIRANDAZ T1TS!111111 :(Cquote2
— A n00b who fell in the pit.


The Heretic Pit is the dreaded pit of doom. All that dispose of something into this vile pit are driven themselves to jump in. No one can stand its sight. The most recent objects to be thrown into the pit are Tar-tar Sauce's Fist of Rukt, the Banhammer failed prototype, Marine brains, the Great Covenant Book of Jokes, and everything having to do with Star Trek. This pit is aproximatly 1,170,000,000,000 feet deep (the same amount as Arbiter's swag level and about as 0.001% of chief swag level).

Who & Why?Edit

The Heretic Pit was created to dispose of anything that was too destructive (or stupid) to be seen again. It was created by the Prophet of Haters to get rid of anything that he hated the most. He just got fed up with anything that had a big influence on people, like Wendys. Etched at the bottom of the pit is the Prophet of Haters's signiture (Burger King FTW!). And because the he hates everybody, he put a life magnet that will suck the life out of anything that gets in sight of the pit. This pit has a gruntiness level of -35.


This dreaded pit is located on a Flood (AIDS) infested planet called CoDWaWSux. This planet can not be accessed without permission of the Gravemind's sister, the Tombmind. While this may be easy to do (just tell her that you come with a new chia pet), only emo grunts should be sent to throw stuff into it because they are worthless and deserve death.

Appearence in HaloEdit

Believe it or not, the Heretic Pit did appear in Halo 3. You can find it on the AIDS infested level, Cortana (OH NOEZ!). If you go through the first left AIDS tunnel, followed by a crouch jump over an AIDS minion, cross the AIDS bridge into the Valley of Swag, shoot 3 times with a Pizza Cutter gun, jump twice, make a right turn, press BXB, punch the closest wall, kill an AIDS infection form and jump through the Portal this opens, you will reach the Heretic Pit.

Reactions to the PitEdit

Cquote1It looks like the....Cquote2
— Emo Grunt (dies after seeing the pit)
Cquote1Its like the Chuck Norris of death pitsCquote2
— Another Chuck Norris lover
Cquote1I wrote a rap 'bout it! Heit go: Crank dat pit, YOOOUUUU!! Heretic Pit up in dis oh, waht me crank and waht me, Heretic Pit b like, "bitchez fuk u"...Cquote2
Soulja Boy the Jackal before getting stabbed by Arby
Cquote1You shall be silenced!!!Cquote2
— Arby while stabbing Soulja Boy the Jackal
Cquote1In Soviet Russia, pit digs YOU!Cquote2
— Communist Marine

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