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Cquote1SISSY!! Y U REFUSE MAII!?Cquote2
— A scrub who misread the name
Cquote1Why are your troops coverd in dog shit?Cquote2
— The Arbiter asking a very good queiston to the heretic leader
Cquote1In Soveit russia heretics betray YOU!!! Wait...Cquote2
— A russian on the heretics

the badass himself

The Heretic Leader is a guy known as the king of the Pretzels, since his minions, the Heretics, share a resemblance to Preztels when viewed from behind, which is the only place the Arbiter ever viewed them from, either when he was assassinating them or... doing other stuff.

He was originally an Elite worker whose job it was to repair all the communications nodes around High Charity. However, one day he picked up an odd message from the Sangheili commanders on Installation 04 offering up a bounty for some Forerunner artifacts on a local Gas Mine. The Forerunners harvested Flood Farts in these mines and the Elites wanted the gas to power their new Grunt-inator.

Sesa assembled a gang of minions and piled them all into the trunk of his Serpah Fighter, and immidietly set off for the Gas Mine. When the Elites got there, they realised that they had to modify their armour to include breathing apparatus so they didn't have to put up with the horrible stench. Eventually, they witnessed the destruction of Installation 04 and found themselves stranded on the Gas Mine.

After several monthes a blue ping-pong ball appeared and told the Elites the truth about the Halos. They started transmitting to High Charity, calling others to their side. The Testicle-Chinned Truth tried to block the transmissions but alas, Sesa knew all the codes of the Comm Nodes since he was once the guy who repaired them. And so the conflict continued.

The Prophets knew that they had to do something about these Elites, so they dubbed them 'Heretics' and summoned an Arbiter to exterminate them. When The Arbiter arrived on the Gas Mine he realised that the Heretics had a huge armed force. Sesa called his men to action and secretly released the Flood in the Gas Mine, dooming all the Covenant aboard. What he didn't predict was that a combination of the Arbiter's laser vision, Shitmaster's invincibility and the Spec-Ops Grunt's plasma testicles prevailed against the Flood onslaught.

When Arbiter reached Sesa, he locked himself inside a room to defend himself. However, Arbiter simply knawed his way through the Gas Mine's central column and forced Sesa to flee. With all his Pretzel Minions dead, Sesa was forced to fight the Arbiter. Despite using his flashy blue testicles to clone himself and fight the Arbiter in a three-on-one battle, Sesa was killed, and the Empire of the Pretzel was toppled.

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