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This article is too damned short, Marine! You will help Gruntipedia by making it larger so it will fit the screen, fool!
The heretic grunts are just like their heretic elite masters. Except a little less noobish. They planned b
Heretic Grunts

Gruntipedian ODSTs.

reak away from the fuckanant.And then the elites went emo and coverd them and the grunts with dog sh*t. And then the retarded elites let out some giant turds. Then they all died. Or did they?

Did they all die?Edit

Nope. The Heretic Grunts who survived, which these Grunts have lots of Gruntiness, work for Gruntipedia. They are our ODSTs, because they are stronger than Brute ODSTs.

Gruntiness InteractionEdit

They know more than the brainless n00bs who thought the Testicle-Chins were right. They knew how to survive long falls, edit pages, and win Firefights undamaged and unchallenged. They never use Plasma Turd Shooters. They use Nooblers. They know how to actually throw grenades.

Gruntipedian ODSTs?Edit

They are our ODSTs. They are epic and grunty, and are unstoppable. even if you think they're dead. they are probably just waitng to catch you of guard...don't ever. be. alone.

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