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Hawker Hawk

A common Hawker Hawk in Baghdad

The Hawk is a UNSC ROFLCOPTER. After reverse-engineering captured hula hoop technology, the UNSC has finally created a ROFLCOPTER of their own. It's most outstanding details are its elongated tail section and twin turbines, causing a recall in all Harrier jets. They are also the first vehicles to be outfitted with a nose-mounted Spartan Laser... which kinda makes you wonder why they didn't do this sooner.

Ima Firin Mah Lazor D:<Edit

Their only real weapon is a big gun that looks like an MG42 under the nose. Coming in with the quote "Ima Firin Mah Lazor", they will then proceede to laser all nearby units, whether this be a Covenant Wraith, a nearby base, or a school bus full of Brute children.

The OddsEdit

The odds of a Hawk accomplishing anything:

  • Hawk vs. Scarab- None will win since its so 1-sided
  • Hawk vs. Vulture- Vulture brings the pwn
  • Hawk vs. Wolverine- Hawk turns into a smoking mess in the river
  • Hawk vs. Anything- Hawk loses its pride and money
  • Hawk vs. Your grandma- Hawk is crushed by her fat ass
  • Hawk vs. Hawk- Beginning of the Rapture!
  • Hawk vs. ADMYAMAMOTO- Everybody dies
  • Hawk vs. Elephant- Nothing happens
  • Hawk vs. Jesus- Just think, will you
  • Hawk vs. XBL- results undetermined (possible banning)
  • Hawk vs. Flipyap- Flipyap dies. Again.

Final AppearanceEdit

You have to wait for Halo: Reach to see their ugly children.

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