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For those born without a sense of humour, Halopedia has an article on Haunted helmet.
— A noob on someone who has the Haunted Helmet.


A Haunted Helmet wearing dude on his Tricycle

The Haunted Helmet was created when some fatass noob was getting owned on a match of oddball, so he shoved the oddball in his helmet, making it impossible for the skull to be released. The noob won every match of oddball until everyone else got the armor. There were ties in every game of oddball, pissing the community off. After a long debate involving a pair of Rhinoceros, a trio of Grunts, and a whole lot of whiskey, Bungie decided to set the skull on fire, just like the oddball skull. Everyone's brain melted. This was clearly not a good idea. Bungie reverted this and made it function as a normal helmet. Ever since then, only fuckheads wore the helmet to show off to people that they got every other helmet, as if anyone over the age of 8 gives a flying piece of steaming shit.

How to unlock this mankind abominationEdit

Waste a year of your precious life killing so much Grunts that you are paid for it, after you have been payed over $9000, get promoted to the final, shitty rank. Then, buy every clusterfucking helmet, and Ghost rider is available for purchase.

Known users of Haunted HelmetEdit


  • It's a piece of shit
  • You have no life if you unlocked this with time and effort

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