Harvest is a small human world discovered by Jackals during the ninth age of Gruntiness. The Grunts wanted the humans as pets but the jackals killed them all. The Covenant name for this world is Jackal Stew Factory.

First contact Edit

The Jackals wanted to kill everyone but the Grunts wanted them as pets. They were still arguing when they all blew up into tiny little bits. Then more Grunts arrived. They just decided to generally annoy the Jackals by killing everyone. The Jackals were considering this when they all blew up into tiny little bits. Then the planet blew up into tiny little bits. Then the universe exploded. The Jackals were blamed and everyone enjoyed a nice Jackal stew.

Noticeable people Edit

Lighter than Grunts


Avery J Johnson (That big human guy who belongs to Yayap, The supreme ruler of everything that is grunty!)

Bryne who had a crush on Avery but hid his boner by constantly wrestling with Johnson.

S.I.F (Sex Infringing Fucker) (That big glowing blue thing that comes out of stuff)

Jenkins who sobbed like a bitch after realizing his entire family died

Some planet named after a pokemon | One with grass and water and a lot of pollution | The planet that gets glassed | A good place to harvest drugs | Once in a brute moon

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