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AV Johnson
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Cquote1These sound-channeling barrels is making pleasant vibrations for me!Cquote2
— A Grunt discovering some Hard Sound Rifles and their barrels

The Hard-Sound Rifle is a Human weapon that uses sound waves that are packed in a nutshell instead of something stupid like bullets. The rifle can kill people instantly without any burns or any entry wound. The only thing noticeable is the target's ears bleeding, and probably the target, if they survive at least 5 seconds, drooling and acting retarded because of the brain damage caused by the sound waves.

The rifle usually causes enough damage to disintegrate internal organs, unless the rifle is broken. The rifle is a more silent and better version of the crappy Sniper Rifle. It is a weapon that is favored by assassins of the Office of Naval Stupidity, and the weapon can also be found commonly at the back rooms of Wal-Mart, where most civilians obtain it illegally quite legally.

No sonic weapons made it, or even mentioned, in any of the Halo games because of many reasons, though, it is mentioned in I Love Bees. In I Love Bees, an ONI assassin, who was disguised a distinct (trust us) hobo, was sent to silence Rani Sobeck, but was killed by Colonel Herzog with a Hard Sound Rifle. The death of the "hobo" was dismissed as aspirin and alcohol overdose. So, you see, the Hard Sound Rifle is a very good weapon that should have been a good replacement of the Sniper Rifle in Halo 3 or Halo Wars, but Bungie and Ensemble Studios didn't think so.

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