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  Halo Nation is a helper to Gruntipedians and Halopedians, as it has no place in the War. HN is also known to do things that only Forerunner Tech can acheive. Their sole enemy are Derps. Their only purpose is to give info to people, just like Halopedia and Gruntipedia, except Halopedia is too serious and Gruntipedia gives life stories as in (looking at this crude society) real life. Halo Nation gave Gruntipedia there Gruntiness!

What they are...Edit

They are know to man as "Precursers" They have been known to have created every species in the Universe. Only these guys know ANYTHING about them since we call them "Normal". Are *cough* top *barfs* scientists *barfs a Data Chip* have been working on the- the- t- *Barfs out loads of work* augh, the origin of them! GOD DAMMIT TURN IT OFF!!

What their capable of...Edit

Easy, total destruction of the Human Ra- woah woah woah I just revealed this info to the public! Oh God

What we need if we piss them off...Edit

ALOT OF WEAPONS AND CONCETRATED FIRE ON THEIR SUPERDUPERPOOPERSCOOPERDUNERAPINGGO-MACHINE! Jk what they have is alot worse. I have seen their artillery, they have technology stronger than the Forerunners! They have made Sheild Worlds before the Forerunners! We cant beat them if we dont have a gun that shoots Godzilla's or Kaiju!


There deadly

They are peaceful when they arent being pissed off by Forerunners

They created the AIDS to combat the annoying Forerunners, and it worked!

They created every technology on the Earth because we suck so their trying to get us to advance, so yeah that computer you watch "things" on. A: its being monitered, B: it was created by the people at Halo Nation.

They have their own ability(s) like everything in Skyrim, to things like suicide.

They created Slenderman to get us to advance weaponry to destroy him (thats why "modern" weapons dont do sh*t).

They are the reason why your typical Pro is stronger than Derps and Dumb People with no life.

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