Halo 3: ODST
US Date Released
Q3 2004
UK Date Released
Q4 2559
First-person Puncher
Game modes:
Champagne, Multifailer
ESRB rating:
Recon (R)
Xbox 360, Playstation 3

Halo 3: HO Dee Ess Tee or Halo 3: OMG, DLC which is also known as Your ticket to Recon is an FPS game made by 343 Industries Treyarch Infinity Ward Rockstar Bungie. It is publish by Activsion Microsoft and was released on September 22nd, 2009. It's Bungie's way of saying "YOLO You want closure for Halo 3? Here's a game that has nothing to do with that!" As it takes place in the middle of Halo 2 and leads to the start of Halo 3, Which honestly means it should be called Halo 2: ODST, but who cares. you are not the Master Chief in this game, you can't dual-wield, and there is no energy shanks or - for some reason - Battle Rifles. But you can snipe with an SMG, so you got that going for you.

Setting Edit

You're an Commander Shepard ODST LnCpl who never speeks (like most FPS PCs) in the ruins of Reach New Mombasa. even though it takes place mere hours after the start of Halo DOS, all the models are from Halo TREE which happens about DOS months later. Even though you are an unaltered cyborg human you can still punch your way into Wraiths, kill things with a punch and carry increadibly heavy things like gravity hammers and machine Guns just as fast, if not faster than a Spartan. Bungie just recycled most of Halo 3 and charged full price for a game they worked half as much on. really low.

Plot Edit

The story begins with hundreds of soldiers retards called ODST's trying to capture a Milady Testicle chin's Spaceship. Even though Master chief and the crew onboard the In Alberto Amber Clad were doing a fine job , the UEF UNSC still decided to send back up. But instead of using competent soldiers, which would have made too much sense, they sent the ODSTs. You wake up from your 69 6-hour beauty sleep as one of the ODSTs, who tries to find out what happened to his squad while being stalked by a green thing called the Super Nintendo.

Firefight Edit

The Covenant decide that you and your squad are some sort of threat, so they decide to waste countless number of troops on killing you.  By the fith wave, they send 3 fuckin' chieftains at you at one time. They never sent that many to combat MC! It's a CONSPIRACY!


  • ODST

    Click on this you shithead

    There are Elites in this game, but they got drunk because of the party they had with Grunts and died of containing too much Gruntiness.
  • You can play Storage Wars with your "buddies" on Lost Platoon firefight. Go ahead and do it. Store stuff. And have wars. Obviously.