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Cquote1Windows Shitsa Fucking Sucks, We're going to Put It On XP nowCquote2
— Microsoft

Halo 2 Shitsta, Is For Windows Shitsta as the name says. Basically, it should be called Halo 2 Shitsta Where Xenomorphs Now Talk Forwards. Grunts have a constant supply of Methane, the Hunters fire their lasers instead of big ass Fuel Rod Guns, Jackholes now snipe and have shitty aiming and there are three new enemies who suck more than Miranda on Arbiter's dick. It is a disgrace to Bungie who said, "Halo 2 for Xbox is good, but Shitsta fucking deserves to burn." In Halo 2 Vista you play as Master Theef, While killing the Grunts who took him to court in the 2nd level.

It has some some shitty noob gun, called the scarab gun, and you get a fucking achievement.Whoop de fucking doo. It also misses out half the fucking storyline, which they tried to use books for, which still left like, 50 plot holes. So more or less,it pretty much sucks balls.