Halo 2 Eggiversary was created for the more huger sole purpose of brain-washing children. Bungie wanted to create an army to help them take over America. The only flaw in their plan is that their army of children wouldn't listen because they were busy playing Dick of duty.

Before the game came out people were running down the street half naked with wigs on screaming "A NEW HALO GAME! IT'S GONNA BE SO FUCKING AWESOME!" and then quickly proceeded to have a stroke/seizure of their choice. Then on the day it came out Wal-Mart was overrun by Halo fans, the police arrived at the scene and tried to shoot as many as they could but there was just to many of them...180 lives were lost that day. People were greatly enjoying the game until they realized you had to play as it and help the bad guys you had been killing all along. Some people were overjoyed that you could play as a four jaw, others not so much. Some people were so outraged they started to slam their heads against brick walls crack their heads open and eat their brains like eggs. Despite this throwback 343 Dumbistries paid for the medical bills and started to develop Halo 5: FartdiansEdit

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