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Halo: The Flood
Date Released
September 11, 2552
333 Pages
Shipping Weight
12 tons
Price Listing
UNSC Price: $999.99999
Covenant Price: $9
Grunt Price: £3
Cquote1Oh yeah, and I realised that Bungie loooooved the number three. And Mudkips too.Cquote2
— William C. Dietz
Were you looking for the Flood, the so-called 'natural' disaster which caused Noah to build the Ark?

William C. Dietz Edit

Once upon a time there was a man. He was a bald man. He was probably about his late nineties, but still, he managed get rid of his wrinkles. The secret to this was a book which he wrote. What is this book? Hmm, I don't know. It's not obvious. Surely I can find that book somewhere on Gruntipedia? Maybe not. The article is hidden and incomplete. It is a spy which uses Active Camouflage. It might be the very article you are reading right now.

On a relatively boring day, this boring old man is watching his nephews playing a boring game on a boring video game console called the Boring Box 720 by a computer company called Microsoft. He believed that the game was called "Wario: Pikachu Evolved". As he was really bored of being bored since being bored is boring and trying to do something is boring too he decided to try the game. And he did. He was great. He killed an Elite without respawning. Wow, he's great. He also had an extremely adept understanding of the storyline, and he decided to make a book out of it.


It is September 11, 2552. A gigantaur, metallic dildo is floating through a dark room. He searches, and searches for a partner to fulfil its purpose. After long hours of traveling, it meets it partner. A giant ring. Something he could wear. Something so irresistible that it turned Wario into Wario. However, it had a rival. A rival dildo called Covenant. It was purple. And purple was the international manly colour. And Rings love manly dildos. The ring rejected the metallic dildo. It turned angry, and finally, it assploded, destroying the ring, Covenant and itself.


The book has been generally well received by the general public, because well I'd guess its because there's a "general" before public so erm.. if the book was negatively received it would be received by the negarall public right? Anyway the general public felt that the book taught many things to them, and to all the Halo fans in the world.

1. Directly lifting from the Bible to an original story is a good idea.

2. Making a sequel to a book that was written by another write is a good idea.

3. It doesn't matter if you screw up the storyline. At least it they aren't made up of fillers..

4. You can be bald and old but it is still possible to write a good book.

5. You can have a nephew that play Wario on the Xbox.

6. It only costs $1000 for a book that has exactly 333 pages. Good offer, good offer.

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