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Halo Anniversary is a new version of Halo: Combat Evolved that offers nothing new. It is just pimped out to look like Reach.
Big whoop.

Bungie's planEdit

The thing is, they pretty much just want you to buy this game to continue the Reach ending. But buy Halo: CE. It costs less.


Basically, you have to pay 30 extra bucks JUST for swaggy graphics, and online play, ermmmmm...... If I wanted online on Halo CE I would've bought the PC version, and since when do graphics affect gameplay whatsoever?

The game includes a shitty feature that when you press a button the game looks like it came out of your ass the original version. ALL THE MORE FUCKING REASON TO BUY THE ORIGINAL GAME.

Also you can play firefight while getting fucked up on halo.


343 is taking a dump on your childhood, end of story.

Cquote1343 industries, I'ma happy for you, and I'ma let you finish, but Crytek made on of the best graphics engines of all time!Cquote2
— Kanye West on the game's pimped out graphics.