For those born without a sense of humour, Halopedia has an article on H-165 Forward Observer Module.
The H-165 Stupid Long Inaccurate Name is the designation for an oversized laser pointer which has nothing to do with observing stuff. In an effort to strip active gameplay from a slowly dying franchise, Bungie saw fit to include a device you use too few times to deserve an article, stand still while using, and which causes more devastation in a single blast than several rockets. Therefore, in an action FPS where you should be challenged, they made a one-size kills-all orbital bombardment tool. It also doubles as a laser pointer to tease your cat with, at least until the missiles start coming-oh noes here comes an armored ASPCA truck!!

Features Edit

This item features an ergonomic pistol grip to fight discomfort, and a hand guard to encourage face bashing. The gigantic display exists only to remind you that Marines are stupid enough to stare at the screen rather than just point the thing at what they want dead. It also features a smaller screen in case the Marines could not figure out how to operate the larger one.

There's also a basic transceiver capable of telling orbiting space craft what to shoot at.

Operating Mechanism Edit

Battery. On/Off switch instead of trigger? Laser pointer? Its stupid. Why am I describing this shit.
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