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Yipyap is an eldery Unggoy, and the Grunt at the bottom right of Gruntipedia's background.

Yipyap fell off his Wheelchair, again....

He is the first Grunt to be born and was a collaborator to the Traffic Cone. He is apperantley disabled, but his wheelchair can fly and shoot out rockets.

He is 120,003,311,666,212,782,445,245,722,244,poop,133,736

trillion years old and to survive this it is rumoured that he is immortal.


Once upon a time, there was nothing, UNTIL, there was a sun, a planet and 1 Grunt, this Grunt's name was Yip-Yap, he was confused and lonely, he then yelled out "FUCK THIS I WANT HOMEBOYS AND CHICKS!". Then the universe created over 9000 Grunts for Yip Yap to play with and kick ass. Cool? Fuck yah!

He has passed down all the Grunt cultures, philosophies and religions, and actually, he came up with them. The only thing he didn't come up with from the beginning was Gruntiness and Hunting Rock.

He was worshipped ALOT.

Unggoy-Forerunner WarEdit

The universe created the Forerunners, they started acting like complete assholes, the Grunts were winning, Yipyap used sticks to scare the Forerunners back into their CoD caves, but one asshole then tripped over Yip-Yap, making him disabled, the Forerunner later died from being shot by a Plasma Pistol, Yip Yap then got his weelchair, which is the only reason the Forerunners killed themselves.

The Covenant Arm'eeEdit

One Prophet was flying around the Galaxy, in a Diarhea Ice-Cream van that spread trails of rainbow shit everywhere it went, in an effort to find an Alien Species to sign up for the Covenant. This Prophet ended up on Balaho, so then he requested the Grunts to join, the Grunts would only join on one conditioner, they get unlimited boobs to suck on. The Prophet had to make a tough decision, if he didn't sign up the Grunts, they would be screwed, but if they did, they would loose all their chicks, the Prophet committed Suicide and the whole Grunt race piled up in the van and flew to High Charity (The co-ordinates was left on the van).

The Grunts were trained in Gruntiness, and sometimes SWAG, to master every vehicle and weapon, the Covenant was kicking AAAASSSSSSSS with the Grunts. However, the superior Elites were found, so they turned the Covenant into a Mega-SuperUltraReal3D-CollossalWin-666DeathMachine, the Grunts were pissed, but they killed Brutes instead because Elites were badasses.


  • He saved Balaho and it's population from being destroyed when the Array was fired by creating a Shield on the Whole Planet.
  • He is the first Grunt
  • Everyone who discriminated him was either MIA or KIA, the MIA has been predicted to have become KIA.
  • The Prophets got their Testicle Chins from a smack YipYip gave one Prophet, this doomed the whole San' Shyuum race and has been passed on to the newer Prophets.
Yip-Yap in action!02:21

Yip-Yap in action!

Yip Yap pwning.


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