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The gangsta himself

 Tutnap is a gangster who is in a gang.

Early LifeEdit

tutnap was born in bahalo to a gang with many other grunts. their gang history is LONGASS. the gang is called THE BIG DAMN HEROES?! (fooled ya bitch! but he still is pretty gangsta)

 In TBDHEdit

Tutnap was born around Halo 3 time right after Truth got ass raped by Arby. Tuts was created by Chunchy for one of his gangbang parties with brutes and grunts and jackals and shit. but Tuts was all like "YO BITCH GET DAFAQ AWAY FROM ME OR ILL FAQ YO MUTHA!!" with that Fartee' Faec came along too see what was all this cussing about and saw Tuts and recruited him to the dam heroes.


Tuts was ready to pwn brutes 'n' all but he then went with chunchy to a gang bang party and got used to having to face that shit and lived his life like that.


  • he 5 years old (since we are in halo 4 time and halo 3 was in the year- you know what I mean)
  • he is a gangsta
  • he is a very bad boy and grunt
  • he likes to tut
  • he DID faq yo mutha
  • he has gangbang parties with chunchy.
  • his real name is Stan smith
    Jonny Gat

    Tutnap's mental image of himself

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