An Elite with Wort Wort Warts. He sneezed.

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Cquote1Wort Wort Wort!Cquote2
— Elite with Wort Wort Warts.

The "Wort Wort Warts" is the name of a Xenomorph disease. All Xenomorphs are born with it.


  • Wanting to dance.
  • Wanting to die.
  • Wanting to jump off a cliff.
  • Watching Alien 3.
  • Explosive sneezing, diarhea, or coughs.
  • Warts cover your body.
  • You talk 1337.
  • Intense suffering of megalomania


All of these must be followed correctly, in any order.

  • Slap a girl's butt while her boyfriend is watching
  • Scream "I SWEAR I'M NOT CRAZY" in your local grocery store (Walmart is great for this)
  • Be a Grunt!

Famous Wort Wort Wart "Infectees"Edit

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