Cquote1Look at the size of that thing!Cquote2
Edward Buck, after The Grunty Thirst begins glassing New Mombasa
Cquote1That's what she said!Cquote2
The Rookie in response to the quote above
Cquote1Shut up Rookie you don't even have any lines in this game. And besides that wasn't even a good one.Cquote2
— Edward Buck, replying to the Rookie's that's-what-she-said

The Grunty Thirst is a badass ship which is owned my lord grunt ( or lord yap to his friends ) this ship was in many


The Grunty Thirst in all it's majesty

battles such as the battle of the reach around and the bark bark.

After 30 years of battling a bunch of shit it was destroyed and was rebuild as the Grunty Thirst-A it was responsible for destroying are the Hulu hoops that the Sparta 4's were on. It also destroyed the grunty homeworld of cheesetown by burning it with molted chesse ( ow that has to hurt ) it also glassed the prophet of bullshit


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