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Scream & Shout (Remix)05:48

Scream & Shout (Remix)

The Big Damn Heroes theme tune.

Big damn heroes join now!

the big damn heroes ad on tv everywhere

The Big Damn Heroes is a Major non-human squad in the UNSC and are the frontline in the war between Gruntipedia and Halopedia. It also is an Anti-Noob Unit

they are best known for pwning noobs and wielding energy swords better than arbiter ever did.

The People in itEdit

T.B.D.H was made these three titfuckers and recruited many others:

The V.I.P'sEdit

The V.I.Ps are people who arent in T.B.D.H but are welcome to PWN Noobs with the squad:


T.B.D.H had many connectionts to prostitution and drug runnung and loan sharks. this made T.B.D.H infamous around the galaxy. When T.B.D.H was made it wasnt taken seriously and was a gang in Sanghelios.


To sign up you have to obey these rules:

  • Pwn n00bs
  • Have Yo moma battles at least once a week
  • Have sex with every human female as frequently as possible
  • send death threats to prophets on Xbox Live
  • Be high 24/7
  • Kick ass
  • Send death threats to justin beiber
  • CHOCOLATE!!!!!
  • and drinks loads of alchohol.
  • HOLY S***
  • Your mother
  • Scream I am beast at the top of your lungs on a mountain (It would be epic).
  • Well now that you mention it... I AM BEAST (now your turn).
  • Usually if you finish a mission, you party afterwards.
  • Chunchy on a mission nearly blowing his ass off.
  • Time for PWNAGE!
  • Most people in the big dam heroes Crash their Vechicles into one another for lolz.
  • Gruntiness FTW!

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