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Super Duper Halo RPG is an RPG style video game being developed by Nintendo and Square-Enix for the Nintendo Wii's WiiWare system. It is expected to come out on February 31st, 2009. [1] For some reason it still isn't why would that be?

Story Edit

The primary antagonist of Super Duper Halo RPG is the Prophet of Truth, who plans to activate the Ark and activate all the Halos at once. The game is described as a remake of Halo 3, but completely redone in RPG style. A quote from the game's developer, Shigeru Miyamoto describes it as:

Cquote1You play as Mario the Master Chief, The Mushroom Kingdom's Earth's last hope to stop the invading force of King Bowser the evil alien Covenant races. You must chase the Prophet into the portal, and [...] defeat him, and eventually save the Princess Earth. This has to be one of my favourite games that I've worked on, because I simply LOVE working with Square-Enix. The idea they gave Bungie that Master Chief should have spiky hair and an enormous sword really made me think that the creativity there was second to none.Cquote2
— Shigeru Miyamoto at E3 '08[2]

Characters Edit

  • Master Chief (SPARTAN-117)/Super Master Chief[3]
  • Arbiter/Super Arbiter.[4]

Gameplay Edit

The gameplay is similar to other RPGs, that meaning that there's an equip system and several upgrades for your weapons. The walking is completely divert of random encounters that are seen in most RPGs, and instead full of enemies you can choose to or not to engage. In order to tone down the realism, Nintendo has invented a new gun for the Halo heroes: the Blaster Cannon, which the character attaches to their arm. [5]

Differences from Halo 3 Edit

  • Less Blood and Gore
  • Much more appropriate language
  • More situations where jumping is necessary to advance
  • A Party system in the campaign
  • No Online.[6]
  • Master Chief is now kawaii

Criticism Edit

Regardless of the game not even being released yet, someone, namely IGN's Matt Cassamassina says:

Cquote1For God's sake, leave Halo on Microsoft systems, PLEASE!Cquote2
— Matt Cassamassina[7]

Beta builds have been given generally positive reviews by the press. [8]


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