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Suckmee' Ballsee

Suckmee making a plasma pistol seem badass

Suckmee' Ballsee is an Elite who smoked too much not enough crack and blammed ho's at the marijuana planet (both one's). He's also a VIP in T.B.D.H.

Early LifeEdit

Suckmee (how about we call him S, thats his nickname anyway) was born the elite hood planet by his mom being teabagged by Some Horny Bastard and his mother gave birth to him but died in the process (what a nice surprise).

Joining Nipple AcademyEdit

Because S was part grunt part elite he went to nipple acdemy and was taught A 19 Year old teacher there and was taught how to pimp, how to smoke weed and most important of all teabag.

During his time in nipple acdemy pawnee hired him into the big damn heroes as a VIP (Very Important Pawner). he then went to balaho for Pot and shit loads of it.

At BalahoEdit

after he graduated he went with pawnee to vacation on balaho to get high and meet the crew and he liked it soo much he bought a house and lived with A professor who has gangbang parties since then.


  • He's good at teabagging

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