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About and why this is not a waste of your timeEdit

The Stukka Bomb Divers are the new and improved banshee kamikazes ( not to be confuse with the Grunts of Doom ). They use to be in the Covenent but resigned becuase the Grunts started sueing them. They are now seen scattered among the multiplayer gamertypes ( except MLG cause man those XBox LIVE pros have issues and I mean ISSUES because they do not understand the difference between getting a life and playing the game normally ) kamikazing themselves into other players. Like regular gamers there are pros, noobs, new people ( not uncommon we need new poelpe cuase of the accidents that goes with windowless banshees ) and average.


They have first started when a group of Covies decided they wanted a air kamikaze ( whichs means it originated from the Grunt Kamikazes ). Throughout the years they have been forming their first regiment to use against any enemies. Then the Brutes started raping all the Elites so they had to find a new species cause the Elites were so tramatize they destroyed their banshees after they took off. Top scientist are figuring out how the hell did the Elites was able to commit suicide with a banshee just after takeoff. The Brutes started to take interest in the Stukka Bomb Divers then Chucky G Norris kicked their asses so they were out of business for a short time. After a while of watching people die alot on easy before the first checkpiont they decided to go on to multiplayer. When they first started Kamikazing the population increase dramatically as humiliating the enemy became more popular. Today they are known to be effective in making pros quit cuase the Stukka Bomb Divers made them lose.



a noob kamikaze

"Motherfuckers attack ya'll are nothing but fuckers in worthless and pathetic lives!!!!!" (there were more but was censored due to racism

A pro kamikaze

"Lets kick their asses!!!"

a average kamikaze

"Wait how do I see in this thing and how am i su--" *crash*

A new kamikaze fullfilling his purpose when he took out a single flood infectoin form


All things fall with us


On the day we fly

Our enemies die

With much Gruntiness

We will be free of noobiness

Under one landing of our plane

We stick our cannons up your ass so take it like a man

When you hear the sound of sonic boom

You will know your doom

You may have pwniness

But we, the Stukka Bomb Divers, could care care less


We have faster hydralics to roll so yeah we are all pimoed uo.

Famuos KamikazesEdit

  • Carter- He kamikazed himself into an anaconda spider in Halo Reach
  • Jorge- He kamikazed himself into a covenant ship in Halo Reach

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