Boris HugduimG'ashgar'mentakein'Grunt


Prophet of Truth
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Born with a ridiculously long name, and no genitalia, Boris HugduimG'ashgar'mentakein'Grunt had to have a sexual organ donation from a slightly unwilling Skirmisher.

Unfortunately, this was the last male Skirmisher after the others got glassed on Reach, so they all died out - never to be seen or heard from again (until HugduimG'ashgar'mentakein'Grunt developed a fetish for Skirmisher females, and began sexually assaulting them, and thankfully due to his Skrimisher dick and bollocks managed to start the race out again).

Life as a ProphetEdit

HugduimG'ashgar'mentakein'Grunt was raped by a brute at the age of just 18, a month after he graduated from prophet school, and impregnated. he discovered he was not in fact without sexual organs before the transaction, he was in fact not a he - but a she. He wasn't quite straight, but neither was he bent. He was in fact a fucking wriggly son daughter of a bitch.

He She became the first Shemale testicle chin with a name virtually unpronouncible to all those who spoke Wortish, except all the intelectually accomplished speakers, such as the MC.

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