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This is what started his anxiety.

Oh 'Ceedee, also known as OCD was an Elite with O.C.D.

His perfectionism led to his own demise, but we'll get to that, for this is his story...


He was born at the top floor of a 201 story hospital, he was so ugly that his parents drowned themselves in vomit before the doctor could even tell them that the kid has O.C.D.

The doctor just threw OCD out the window but he safely landed in a box of pillows.

However, he felt as though there were 7 pillows, and odd number. This just pissed him off and he destroyed every single pillow with his teeth and wrote FUCK with the ashes.


His O.C.D is the most notable aspect of him, his favorite number is 8 as it is perfectly symmetrical in every way, he is ambidextrous, he hates fighting people who dual wield because he doesn't want to damage the symmetry.

He killed 5 of his children so he could have 8 that are all the same gender, he cleans his room everyday, he is a grammar nazi, he is a punctuation policeman, he is a spelling spetsnaz, he likes group sex so all wholes will be filled, etc.

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