The Noob Demon interprets the Noob Text, the bible of the noobs.

Cquote1L0l0l0l0l i 4m t3h pwnz0rz!Cquote2
— The Noob Demon on everything.
— Again the Noob Demon on everything.
Cquote1lol pwns.Cquote2
— The Noob Demon on life.
Cquote1"W7F?! j00 4R3 73H Ch347z0rz!!!11!!!one!!eleventy!"Cquote2
— The Noob Demon on Halo 4.
Cquote1y0 MoMz z0 fat, ses A n00b! L00l0l0l!!!11Cquote2
— A Noob Demon Yo Momma joke.

n00b Dm0n - the overlord of the noobs , a race of creatures who sucks ass at the topic at hand and acts like a complete douchebag because of it. He is the creator of the noobs.

The n00b Dm0n is the greatest of the n00bs and almost everything he says can't be understood. Witness's have stated that hearing him speak is like being "ass raped by the devil's dick."


either the idiot who wrote this forgot this part, or nobody knows about his creation.

Tumblr mdaugaLWV21qj89z1o2 400

The Noob Demon licking his two-pronged dick...

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