Cquote1Menac' Potat'ee will kill anybody for no reason cuz he the son of Soulja Boy!Cquote2
— Menac', after murdering a Grandma who was baking cookies for her grandchildren
Cquote1In Soviet Russia, Potatoes Menace YOU!Cquote2
— A Soviet Russian who was menaced by a potato
1215817890 Grunt

Menac', the Sangheili/Kig-Yar/Unggoy.

Menac' Potat'ee is an Unggoy. For some reason his name is more like an Elite's than a Grunt's. He kicks Noob ass, and once even bitch slapped Anoobis.

He was born in the great and wonderful Cheese Town.

Biography Edit

Menac' is the son of the (in)famous rapper, Soulja Boy, and his mother was a Sangheili. That's right bitches, he's an Unggoy with a Kig-Yar father. And that's right, I will not go into detail on how that's possible. He's part Kig-Yar, part Sangheili, and completely Grunty. Yes, Menac' qualifies as Kig-Yar, Sangheili, and Unggoy.

Menac's role in the War on Pants Edit

Menac' Potat'ee fought on Kwarsh's side of the War on Pants. As with many Unggoy, he hated pants. And he was willing to lead a civil war to abolish pant-usage.

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