Lonlee islandee 1

Lonlee 'Islandee aka the wasp

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Lonlee 'Islandee was the third elite to join the BIG DAMN HEROES and was a douche to most who he found annoying aka Halopedians.

Early Life Edit

Lonlee was a spoilt child as his mom was rich as fuck so he got what he wanted. Lonlee had no dad cos his mom was gonna get an abortion but EPIC FAIL!!!!!! so lonlee was alive cos of dat. Lonlee then got bored and wanted to sword fight with japanese dildos in the covenant army so he joined...

Covenant TimesEdit

Lonlee was very bad at keeping shit toghether so Regret regretted recruiting him but lonlee kicked ass with swords so he PWND ASS and killed 555666117 spartans during The Human-Covenant War. he was ranked zealot at the age of 17 by Truth and was better than arby on being a covenant soldier and was nicknamed the wasp. till the Great

Lonlee excecuting

lonlee killed shitloads of Spartans when he was with the covenant

 pissoff happened. he went and joined the humans in mugging truths ass.

In The RebellionEdit

Lonlee joined the BIG DAMN HEROES soon after learning that truth killed his mother while he was in the covenant. :0 well of course lonlee was not happy about that but he then met Pawnee'noobsee and hanged out and did marijuana and smoked pot with the group. later he went and killed truth but with arby being uber jealous of him arby took the idea of killing truth from lonlee himself making arby get all the girls while lonlee had nothing... (WHY DO YOU THINK HES CALLED LONLEE?!!!(Nah man thats kind of mean on the dude leave it alone).

Current LifeEdit

Lonlee planning

lonlee looking for prophets adress to kill them

He hangs with in da BIG DAMN HEROES and smoked pot and kills prophets in their sleep. he is thirsty for  revenge on truth killing his mom so he pwns Truth on multiplayer. (the noobish chinballs)

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