The Lesbian Lover's crew of ghastly Elites. YAMAMOTO is the white one.


The Lesbian Lover invades Reach.

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The Lesbian Lover is ADMYAMAMOTO the 2nd's personal pwng ship. It is the most powerful and famous ship of all that can easily unleash hell o' fury upon any noob it can find. It is also the command ship of Gruntipedia's fleet in the war against Halopedia. Commanded by YAMAMOTO himself and crewed by the only epic Elites that love Grunts, it is the best shit that could ever fly in space.


The Lesbian Lover FIRIN HER LAZORS!


The Lesbian Lover flies over Halopedia's HQ.

Contributions to Gruntipedia

This ship led Gruntipedia's attack against Failopedia, created the term Uber, blasted vandals, and sent flowers to random people who instantly crushed the flowers. Aboard, young Grunts are trained in the art of rick-rolls and epic grenade spam. YAMAMOTO's ghastly crew of Elites watch over the ship's security and launch raids on unsuspecting cruise ships. However, the ship only provides direct support to Gruntipedia in times of unstable banning sprees. Moments of these fights include the battles of Rippin Loogies, 1337 wars, defense of Family Guy, World War 5, and the attack against Halopedia on Reach.

Involvement in Reach

The Lesbian Lover's biggest moment was the attack on Reach. Leading a fleet the size of which had never been seen before, the Lover bashed through Halopedia's defenses and left the other ships to t-bag the losers. Lover went down to Halopedia HQ where it hard-slammed some idiots who came to stop her. The Lover positioned herself over the city. On the ground people ran in panic while yelling "RAPE!" Gruntipedia swarmed the city and killed some Halopedians and Fleabags. Millions were presumed t-bagged. Then Halopedia sent some ships to stop the Lover. Lover then used a lag switch to pop up all over the battlefield and cheap shot the ships with deadly beams of hot sauce. Afterwards, the Lover proceeded to destroy the city after a giant mouth grew on her face and yelled "IMA FIRIN MAH LAZOR!" A laser blew up the city and killed many Halopedians.

Current Life

After Reach the Lover went back to YAMAMOTO's secret dance pad in a secret system filled with secrets. Lover's life involves 20 hours of standby while the crew gets drunk and 4 hours after patrolling the system with a tipsy driver. Lesbian Lover is awaiting her next mission so be sure to be the highest bidder folks!


  • Heavy hot sauce blasters
  • Goo flingers
  • Shotgun blast of ectoplasm
  • Rivet gun
  • Elephant catapult
  • Badunkadunk
  • Slurry spitters
  • Shoop da Whoop cannon
  • Lag switch
  • Assassination knives

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