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Kes'i 'Xesos (Formerly Kes'i 'Xesosee) was one of the most downright hot Sangheili from top to bottom, she was Otha's bitch/girlfriend.

Her rank is Spec Ops. Seriously, have a guess what her "Special Operarions" are.

She was once a prostitute

Early lifeEdit

She was born in a strip club, so she grew up as a prostitute, as she grew older, she mastered the arts of hotness and sex, and she was one of the most visited prostitutes, she has been payed over 9000 dollars for her prostitutery.

Every male Elite after seeing Kesi

Her dad only signed her up for the Covenant because there were male elites there so she could pick one and stay like that.

Covenant workEdit

She is a good cook, she cooks the dicks of perverted Brutes.

She is the top model the Covenant porn website, when Jackals visist, they die of uber boners that whack them in the face.

Her favorite weapon is the Derp Gun, she kills noobs 24/7 with it.

Sexual record:Edit

What she did:Edit

  • 9000 Blowjobs
  • 1337 Blumpkins
  • 1336 Crumpkins
  • 777 Rimjobs
  • 12 Smooches

What others did to her:Edit

  • She has been assraped 99999999 times
  • She has been raped elsewhere 999999 times
  • She has been fucked by Otha' 999999999999999999999999 times
  • Too much other stuff no one is going to mention because it is too extreme and sexual for this site.


  • The "K" in her first name is pronounced like an "S".
  • She has an insane sexual record, infact, the keyboard shortcut on the Separist computer to find her files is Ctrl +T+I+T+S
  • She has had sex 348,672,539,624,167 to the power of Master Chief's power level times
  • She used a traffic cone to kill some Marines because they called her a lesbian.