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This grunt was so very fucked up his parents were an elite and a hunter (now that is so wrong) he was born as the new leader of the grunts but he was turned down by kwarsh.

his birthdayEdit

While his father was out fighting the robbers at the jerk store Jim's mom waters broke and forced Jim to come out. The mother died during Kim's birth.

the covenantEdit

He decided to join the covenant but the only prophet was haters so he said no and told his guards to shoot that whore so that made Jim go into a coma when he woke up he was in the high charity state prison the AIDS appeared and he died of smoking to much weed.

shit he didEdit

-skyjack a banshee

-joined the AIDS

-died because of putting weed in the flood food

-joined the big damn heroes but he is never mentioned

-cut the cheese

people who fucking hate himEdit

- everyone on halopedia

- the flood

- MC

- whoretana

- Dr. Phil

shit he ownsEdit

- his ship the stoned hobo

- MC's gold nut

- A can with 10,000 ounces of tacos

- the prophet of haters ship

- gaylo 4

- porntana


- the prophet of swag

- Meat and taters

- flipyap

- kwarsh

- poonflip

- every grunt in the universe

- his own dad

- his own uncle

- the prophet of truth

- the prophet of teleportation

- the prophet of bullshit

- Lord grunt

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