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Gruntish is the accepted name for the language of Grunts, and is often observed being spoken on the battlefield. Gruntish is a quite deceptive language to humans who seem to hear things like "Run Away!!!" and then expect to see no grunts when they turn a corner, only to be completely obliterated by Grunt forces.

Common translation errorsEdit

  • Run Away!!! - This does not mean grunts are running away like cowards. It is quite a strategic term used by Grunt commanders to let their fellows know to stand their ground. The basic translation is: "Stand Fast brothers! For we shall win this! Many of us may die, but we shall still win!" which is quite the opposite of what humans hear.
  • He killed Flipyap! - Not a random grunt, Flipyap is regarded as a great grunt leader's rank/position, and if a grunt of such rank is killed, all grunts expect a minute of silence with the phrase "S/He/They Killed Flipyap!" which is an oath to destroy whoever did it, rather than mourning for a standard rank comrade lost during the battle which they are fighting in.
  • For Kwarsh! - Exactly what it sounds like. Therefore not something else.
  • We're All Gonna Die! - Means everyone in the area is going to die at the hands of the Grunts, not just the grunts. Commonly used by Suicide Grunts.
  • Hey Demon, the jerk store called, and guess what? They're all out of you!-Means the Demon better watch his back.

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