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The Killa Himself.

Grim killing stuff

Grim at what he does best... KILLING STUFF!

This guy is called Grim (messed up name right?) who kills too much stuff cause  he wants to KILL YOU BITCH!!!!! Don't ask why. 

Early LifeEdit

this guy grew up shooting things in a firing range. his dad own a gunstore. well until grim found a grenade launcher and  blew the crap OUT OF DA STORE! so he rebuilt it and now it had PROMETHEAN WEAPONS!!!!!

Killing stuff!Edit

grim killed shit loads when he was young so he pawned on xbox (well every elite did like this guy). grims family were a bunch of mixture of hunter and elite offspring (WHY THE CHEESE D'YOU THINK HIS ARMORS ORANGE!???!!!?!). grim being young and naive he killed to much due to having eliteness and hunterishness. This guys not the only one...

working in brothels run by this dudeEdit

Grim retiring

Grim retiring to work as a bodyguard in pawnees brothels... at the age of 19 wtf?

because grims dad store was blown up by grim he made grim work in a drugstore run by pawnee who was not there at the time but his archnemesis was there.

  • he killed stuff
  • he's shagged women
  • he blew up his dads store


  • he's naive
  • he's voilent
  • he has a fucked up name
  • he's 18 years old

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