Glob'ee Blob'ee

Glob'see with his fucked up skin pigment

AV Johnson
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Glob'see is an elite with some wierd arse skin colour.

Early LifeEdit

Glob did not have a good life as he was picked on his skin colour :(

glob didnt like that so he fucked everyone up who made fun of him (he knows judo).

he joined the covies to be badass and to maec people scared of him and be BOSS!


Cause hes good at being ninja he was given FOOT ENRGY DAGGERS?!!! for stabbing people while he kicks them. (road house)

The Prophet Of Crack gave glob an assingment which led glob nearly to his death... murder Bubzap.

Trying To Kill BubzapEdit

Glob was made to kill bubzap but bubzap was his friend who didnt pick on him cos he was scared of his skin colour but no respect for the scared soooooooooo attempts were made...

The Assassinations FAILEdit

The grunts tried to keep bubzap safe while glob waited and getting bored cos it was taking him weeks just to shoot the bloody grunt he said fekkit and quit from the covies and became a gun for hire in the big damn heroes with bubzap being a medic.

Current LifeEdit

he lives with bubzap In Balaho. he kills people while bubzap healed others.

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