Kika was born on Sanghelios prior to the attack on the United Special Nooby Corpses's planet Reach. He was only five when he was drafted into the millitary. He quickly went from a Minor to SpecOps, Ultra, and finally General in one skirmish. He then traveled back to Sanghelos to celebrate by hiring hookers and throwing massive parties all day every day.
Bob general

Kika D'ass in all his glory!

And for this he bacame a General.
293px-Spec-Ops BOB

Kika D. as a SpecOps

Kika's Millitary CareerEdit

Kika, as mentioned above, was drafted into the Covenant at only 5 years of age. He killed more dumbass humans than any other elite in his squad (mainly because he told all the marines that their guns worked beter if pointed backwards, and they believed him.) and hijacked a bunch of warthogs to turn into pimpmobiles for his fellow elites to drive around. This pleased his superiors, so they promoted him all the way to General. Thats like eleventy billion ranks in only two weeks. He customized his armor and painted it all white, and called it John McCain. His new swag pimp armor scored him with like, every elite chick and he

One of the Pimpmobile Warthogs. Kika customized this one for himself.

hooked up with some human chicks too.
Halo Reach Sangheili

Kika D'ass in his Officer Armor.

He partied with MC before he left for Sanghelos with all the other 1337s at the end of Halo 3 , where they drank, picked up chicks, and watched bad Kung-Fu movies for three days straight.

Where is Kika Now?Edit

Kika D'ass is currently fighting alongside his fellow elites in the war with the stupid retard apes. He pulled the same trick on the Brutes that he did with those Marines earlier. It really works for him. He has personally castrated over 9000 Brutes and he likes to use the energy spork to do this. He also has the ability to fire S.W.A.G. lazers from his eyes at them and make them die so hard that they end up dead. He is now a Field Marshall, but he enjoys being called general. It sounds more badass.
502px-Reach 1739463 Medium

Kika's current armor while fighting the retards back home.

He enjoys long walks in the park and disembowling n00bs.

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