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fartee faec is a member of the big damn heroes and is the leader of it. the reason why hes the leader is c
Fartee faec

fartee faec as himself.

os hes older than pawnee so being 19 forever has its drawbacks for pawnee.

Early lifeEdit

fartee was an orphan so he had a hard life. but he was kickass at surviving on the streets. he was found by Thel 'Vadam who knew his parents and escorted him to nipple academy.

At nipple academyEdit

arby left him at nipple academy which was at the time run by Xytan 'Jar Wattinree. he was taught gruntiness although he had none in him which led him to be immensively powerful without having the tru power. due to him learning gruntiness and not having it, his councilor armor changed from silver to green and developed Kamehameha and the ability to dual wield Energy Swords!!!!!!!
Fartee talking

Fartee talking to a fellow student at nipple acdemy

joining the BIG DAMN HEROESEdit

Fartee joined and led the squad due to age (the leader has to be the oldest for some fucking reason). fartee then recruited shit loads of elites that are practically just npcs from halo 1,2,3,reach and 4 as elites need other nameless elites for cannon fodder but still kickass at killing stuff cos theyre elites! fartee had been commanded Underestimated Noobish Stupid Cockheads to guard pawnees brothels that are found throughout the galaxy on many planets.

Military LifeEdit

his life was mostly resolved around staying alive being in charge he kicked some serious arse while he was sent on missions by the unsc that on aliens could solve. hes literally like the elite version of Johnson or something.

Current LifeEdit

hes usually at his house working out or at the firing range testing out weapons pawnee and smoking marijuana

Family ListEdit

due to all elites being brothers or sisters or cousins to each other like in hawaii this is his list


  • hes a green councilor
  • he is the leader of the big damn heroes
  • he has artificial gruntiness
  • he likes guns
  • he likes shooting
  • he usually needs to fart making the phantom stink like it does
  • he doesnt like killing (odd for and elite...)
  • hes an orphan
  • he 21 years old
  • hes arachnophobic (like maddislimane)

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