The average battle. Yes, there's even a girl in the background playing with her dildoes dolls.

Extreme Crap Wrestling was and still is a version of two girls one cup competetive sports game that was created by the low Prophet of Eye Cancer.


When the Prophet of Eye cancer was high (as he always is), playing Mortal Kombat in 3D mode, he tried to touch all the blood and armour he saw, he was upset when he couldn't.

He cried for hours, and then tried to make it real by making it, well, real! He made a tournament called Extreme Crap Wrestling (E.C.W) in which one could beat the shit out of another. I'm serious, people could punch each other so hard that the shit came out on it's own.

Extreme Crap Wrestling became the national sport of over 40 countries in 3 days because of how great it was (and still is).


It is basically the spamhaul of the internet brought to life, if you want to do something, you can do it if you can, however there are some real rules you need to follow.

The Prophet of eye cancer is sexist, racist and high so he has made some offensive rules

  • Women must be topless unless they give Eye cancer a BJ (which will be uploaded on Pornhub anyways)
  • You must be high forrealz
  • No gays
  • If you are a Noob you have to join so we can watch you die
  • All competitors must send their families to suicide missions
  • No asians (Eye Cancer doesn't like the smell of rice, and yeah, he thinks they always have a mini pack of rice as a last resort)

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