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Cquote1You're a coward, just like the rest of your- HOLY CRAP!!!!!Cquote2
— Tartar Sauce getting Pwnd by Arby using Wortishness
Cquote1Wort wort wort!Cquote2
— Elite on Elitiness

In the beggining, there was Gruntiness, then Hunterishness... But then, there was Eliteness!


Yes, also known as "Wortishness", is the Elite form of Gruntiness. It is equal to Hunterishness.


Symbol of Elitiness

People who have ElitenessEdit

How to get itEdit

Join Gruntipedia, be a member of the Sangheili race and be awesome and there ya go.

You now have Eliteness.


There are five known powers. Here they are:

  1. Wort.
  2. Wort.
  3. Wort.
  4. Wort.
  5. Wort.

You must understand Wortish to read.

Power translation to EnglishEdit

  1. Kamehameha
  2. SWAG Powers
  3. Unable to get infected
  4. Drinking Cherry Coke without suffering dangerous, toxic and radioactive poisoning.
  5. Immortal when sleeping

Combining with GruntinessEdit

This is a very dangerous procedure, you have to be born like this, otherwise you would only contain a limited ammount of Gruntiness. Only one Elite has lived to take a breath when containing both pure Eliteness and pure Gruntiness, this Sangheili was Otha' Letham. The wielder of these epic energies will allow the user to have all the Gruntiness and Eliteness powers, and some unique ones.

Otha' blew up Installation 04 because.... read the Otha' Letham article to see what I mean.

The awesome powers include:

ajedgauye7ksadjw-aruciaxjdckjsalfksajfjks SIFJJK=1

Because of technical issues, we are not allowed to tell you the powers, it would destroy the universe by telling you, so you can only see an error message, try translating it, but type it while you are at it because once you crack the code, your brain will contain so much information, it cannot stay in it's normal size, and it will inflate untill it explodes, the explosion is so big, it will probably be huge enough to nuke Russia.

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