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Edgee'Oh-see is the baddest mothertrucker in the whole wide world and all the other worlds. He is a third Elite, a third wolf, a third Jesus and he's sent on a journey to kick everyone's ass. Right now, he's still trying to fight Otha' Letham.


Edgee'Oh-see was made in labratory, they got three samples, the blood of a wolf, the semen of an Elite and the feces of Jesus McFucking Christ, the three samples were combined and thus, Edgee' was born.

He was given one objective, to kick the asses of anyone he saw...

Fights he hadEdit

  • Master Chief (He literally kicked his ass)
  • The Prophet of Haters (Edgee' tried to knock Haters out, but Hater's cock-slapping was too powerful)
  • J'suz Kusov (Intense rap battle)
  • Chris Chan (Intense fap battle)
  • Lord Shithead (Intense rape battle)

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