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Sangheili warrior

dat ass himself... going rage mode.


Dat' Assee is a badass elite that pawns all Truth and all!

Early LifeEdit

dat was born in that place that you know. his mom was a grunt so he has gruntiness WARNING: rated R! :D

His family was half grunt, half elite so everyone had gruntiness and kicked ass!

His family business was an immense drug dealing business (jesus what does Maddislimane do? NYAH).


The reason Dat is called that is because he is young and sexy he was voted number 1 on a magazine called " sexiest of sanghelios"  so he always got dat ass ( now ya gettit).

due to him being so sexy he had 99999337737347447 girlfriends so he alwys ROCK DA HAUS!

In Da SeparistsEdit

it was planned that dat will join the covenant but since some shit happened he joined the separists and met the badass MOFO

Meeting Pawnee (Briefly)Edit

dat met pawnee his teacher and otha's pawnee who slapped him and told him to rage mode to murder the hairy dicks

and that he did and mudered about 69 of them in a second to pass the gruntiness test ( HA! 69 :D)

Current Life Edit

he stays at otha's and pawnee's house and constantly uses the gym to keep the girls horny and listens to pawnee dj'ing but everyone does he good at it, the best in sanghelios actually and dat also shags girls 24/7 but not Miranda Keyes as she's pawnee's fuckbuddy (and nobody elses since Johnson died).

Shit He DidEdit

  • was voted the sexiest sangheili in 2552.
  • lead an immense drug dealing business
  • had about 99999337737347447 girlfirends
  • kiled 69 brutes in a second.


  • He's sexy (ladies be ready)
  • He rage modes constantly if pissed of
  • He shags shitload of women
  • He punched your moms belly while she carried you and that why your a retard
  • He's terrific at punching
  • He raped his mom 69,000,000 times

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