Brute Beats LOL was a Brute company that composed many of Soulja Boy the Jackal's songs, such as his hit single, Deez Nuts.

DJ brute

DJ Jingbrute, the owner and founder of Brute Beasts LOL. This picture was taken at Club Errera.

History Edit

Brute Beats LOL was founded in 2543, during the Great Covenant Music Depression, when all Covenant music was depressing, and new bands and singers were emerging. DJ Jingbrute, their founder, believed in flip music and rap, although they were human genres of music. They were much ridiculed for liking such music, but, as it turned out, they were not the only Covies to enjoy flip music and rap. Shortly following their founding, many Covie artists wrote and performed such songs.

Brute Beats LOL were most known for composing songs for Soulja Boy the Jackal, and thus were rather famous. Everyone hates Soulja Boy the Jackal's music, so just about everyone hates Brute Beats LOL. However, Brute Beats LOL did start a club, and for some reason they named it "Club Errera".

Trivia Edit

  • There are no Grunts in Brute Beats LOL, so therefore it sucks.
  • Also, Brute Beats LOL composed some of Soulja Boy's songs, so there's another reason they suck.
  • Brute Beats LOL is a known supporter of Halopedia.

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