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Bapyap (Right) leads a squad of Grunts in the War on Pants.

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Bapyap, also known as Grunt Ultra 9, is a Grunt Ultra.

Early LifeEdit

He was born when the Grunts were in peril, and was specially chosen by Kwarsh. The reason why Kwarsh chose him is because he was the only Grunt to advance through all the ranks so quickly. He was a Grunt Ultra before Kwarsh could count to 3. He uses a Needler and Plasma Pistol as his secondary weapon.

How he and Kwarsh became Best FriendsEdit

They worked together, fighting off wave after wave of Noobs. Kwarsh had a Plasma Rifle and Bapyap had a Needler. They quickly beat them, because they were shooting their feet with Rocket Launchers. They high-fived and said, "Let's be best buds."

Famous QuotesEdit

  • "We win!!! Hahahahaha!!!!!" -After winning the War on Pants.
  • "Hard to tell, but me not female." -All Grunts say that, except female Grunts.
  • "You big, big, and dumb!" -At Brutes.
  • "You hunt, me kill!" -To Arbiter.
  • "I'm here to suck methane, and kick arse!"
  • "I Grunt on you!!"

How he got GruntinessEdit

Like all grunts (Except Halopedian-turned Grunts), he was born with it.

Life as of todayEdit

He works with Gruntipedia's massive army. He is a second-in-command for administrators. He leads lances with one Sangheili Ultra that wears Ranger armor. The Elite is very fond of him, and treats him very well. Bapyap has a wife named Laplap and two kids named Tapdap and Zapap.

Meeting with the Prophet of HatersEdit

Bapyap was talking to Kwarsh when Haterz broke through the roof shouting "Biatch stolez mah gun!" and stopped and looked at Bapyap and Kwarsh. "Whatz yo name, little dude?" He asked. "Bapyap. I'm a Grunt Ultra." Bapyap responded. Haterz then ran down the hall screaming and pushed an old lady over.

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