Artist's representation of A Wikia Contributer

Cquote1Hey! This isn't really a Gruntipedia Fun page!Cquote2
— All the admins
Cquote1ys it iz lolzCquote2
— A Wikia Contributer, in response to the above quote

A Wikia Contributor is the biggest noob on the planet besides Anoobis and these dumbasses. His only reason to exist is to infect everything with Noob Cancer by touching it.


Once upon a time, a Flying cockroach was on the computer when he saw such a horrible wall of leetspeek text that he exploded in a shower of Noob Cancer which formed together into A Wikia Contributer. As nothing but a big blob of Noob Cancer, it did the best thing it could do: Suck anal regions at Halo 3 matchmaking. Wikia Contributors are Anoobis's third in command, and are pretty high up in the Noob Society.

Trivia Edit

  • They often vandalize wikis, because they have nothing better to do.
  • For some reason, even though I, your grunty overlord can make it to where wikia contributors can't do anything, I have not disabled it. Probably because I take joy/pride in banning idiots...for life.

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