Cquote1In Soviet Russia, deez nuts come and get YOU!Cquote2
— A noob

"Deez Nuts" is a term often used on Xbox LIVE, and is commonly used lingo among noobs.

Catherine Halsey

The average "Deez nuts" speaker

Origin Edit

Nobody is sure where the term "deez nuts" originated, but many speculate the Prophet of Crack was high, and subsequently said it in front of millions of the Covies. Or, more likely, some idiots invented the term.

Song By Soulja Boy the Jackal Edit

"Deez Nuts" was adapted into a song by the famous rapper, Soulja Boy the Jackal. It was written in 2551 and composed by Brute Beats LOL. Here are the lyrics. DISCLAIMER: The song is quite repetitive. Side effects of listening to the song may include but are not limited to: vomiting, swelling of the face, cancer, or a heart attack.

Deez Nuts! Deez Nuts!

Got 'eem!

Oh! Deez Nuts! Deez Nuts!

I said I got 'EEM!

Yeah Deez Nuts! Deez Nuts! Deez Nuts!

GOT 'EEM! I got 'eem with Deez Nuts!

Ha, got 'eem again!

Deez nuts!

This song has been cut off at that point for your own safety. Also, the administrators of Gruntipedia decided that this is a good time to remind you that there is no Cabal. Any mention of the Cabal will lead to an...unpleasant experience.

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