For those born without a sense of humour, Halopedia has an article on About.

Gruntipedia is a Wikia dedicated to unfunny and articles relating to the Halo Universe that claim to be satirical while really completely misunderstanding the definition of satire. look it up sometime when you're not wasting your life on this hellhole.


Although Gruntipedia is all about having a joke and teasing Halo (and Halopedia, the "real" Halo encyclopedia), we do have some rules and regulations.

  • Do not insult other users or real people in a way that is degrading and offensive. There is a difference between saying something as a joke and actually insulting someone.
  • Please keep vulgar language and "taboo" to a minimum. If it is referred to or mentioned in the Halo series (games and books) then it is usually acceptable.
  • Keep sexual references to a minimum without much detail. Racism, homophobia, and any other form of hate speech will not be tolerated.
  • Do not incite or attempt to incite cross-wiki conflict. Cross-wiki conflict includes but is not limited to the following: vandalizing another wiki in the name of this wiki, invading/intentionally disrupting another wiki's chat room, adding content to any page meant to incite bad feelings towards another wiki or it's users, and etc.

Users found violating any of the above rules will be blocked for a period of time to be determined by the extent of the offense.


Editing HelpEdit

Please see Uncyclopedia's Beginner's Guide for tips on how to make Gruntipedia as best as it can possibly be. (Note: Gruntipedia does not necessarily have the same policies as Uncyclopedia or any other Wikia.) or do they?

Some Useful TemplatesEdit

To link to the Halopedia article that shares the name of a Gruntipedia article, put {{Halopedia}} at the top of an article. For more templates, see Gruntipedia:Templates.

Page Creation RuleEdit

When you create a new article it must be Halo related! Not something that happened to you or some worthless copy of an existing article or total crap that you know is crap. Any pages not following this will be deleted and will put a smudge on the creator's profile.

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