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Cquote1We are lowly Grunts. We are cannon fodder. We are ready to be sent to our deaths. We are the Grunt Minors!Cquote2
— Some motto that is used to raise morale in Grunt Minors
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A feral Grunt running after its leader has been killed. It will soon come back in a bigger pack.

Grunt Minor is the lowest and most common rank for Grunts in the Covenant Army. Their armor are orange-colored. It's the worst rank ever, but at least it's better than hard manual labor in some fart mine.

They are usually seen being lead by a Grunt Major, a Elite, or a Brute. If their supervisor gets killed, the Grunt Minors will act like any minor and run, screaming.

Suicide Edit

Some Grunt minors have been known to drown themselves or to jump off a cliff. The reason for this is truly unknown, but there is evidence the grunts are depressed having to be cannon fodder and to eat shitty overly delicious Alien Tit because there's nothing else the cheap bastards can afford.

Grunt Ranks

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