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Ghost that hides in the night

The man himself. Look at his heartless LOOK

Ghost is basically a fearless Sergeant who let his WHOLE battalion die and didn't even give a shit to what happened except for a red haired bitch who dies in his arms when he screamed and instead of a flood of tears he let out a waterfall of blood in from mouth

The flashback of the unknown planetEdit

He was just fighting around waiting for the last marine standing he just fought and let the whole battalion fall down like a bunch o dominoes when the last marine ( which was the red haired bitch) was critically injured the ghostly seregeant kept healing her wounds while they did that they had a conversation witch goes on like this

  • Unnamed Marine: Let me ask you something. Just one last thing. It won't hurt, I promise. What was I to you?
  • Ghost: What do you mean? You're a soldier. A soldier with a promising future ahead of you. You're...a soldier.
  • Unnamed Marine: And you're a ghost. Aren't you?
  • Ghost: What?
  • Unnamed Marine: Feelings pass right through you, don't they? So cold and unforgiving in every choice you made in battle. Purest soldier. I think that's what let us trust you-
  • Ghost: Don't talk, save your strength.
  • Unnamed Marine: I don't need it.
  • Ghost: Huh?
  • Unnamed Marine: I need you to be strong. Strong enough to do what you've never done in your life. Can you be strong enough to allow yourself to be-can you just be human? If not for your sake, for all of us. If you would just allow yourself to feel something...maybe you wouldn't be a ghost any longer.

Then when the bitch died he let out a scream that would maybe have bleeded the surrounding people's ears to death.

Battle of Albullshit AL-Goal-iz-2-b-pwndEdit

3 years later the planet is attacked the civilian wimpies had to be evaced and all the data had to be terminated because the Cole Protocol might have been activated (i dunno what happened) when 2 wimpy asshole marines were attacked Ghost was in a big mech suit which look liked aSpartan's armor with almost every weapon ever made (Might include the M6D) he fought and fought then he got stuck by a Plasma Grenade then he couldnt move the countdown was then finished but required this code "Be Human" which he said and all the covies died from the explosion and he was listed as MIA saying he was lost in a big firefight


  • He has no fucking heart (until he met the red Marine)
  • He might kill me for the trivia above (If he doesn't read the thing in about the Marine)
  • He might be invincible like Mr.T only being killed by a Blueberry
  • He can only be killed by Blueberries or the Plasma Launcher

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