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Cquote1*Bounce twice, smash Jackal, bounce three more times, and two steps to the left*Cquote2
— Gúta, on the current state of Covenant politics
IMG 0390

The Gúta are a bunch of bouncy dinosaurs that like to smash poor Grunts.

The First GútaEdit

When the Grunts were done creating the hula-hoops they were really bored so they created the Gúta as pets. While it is hard to believe why someone would want to have a 50 ton turd in the back-yard, remember that the creator of the Gúta is also the creator of the Flood.

Diets and eating habitsEdit

While you would think they would eat anything it could find, they only eat three things: Turkeys, nOObs, and the rare delicacy of Badasses.

Gúta on ReachEdit

A bunch of Gútas came to Reach to piss off Jun and Six but they went berserk and got killed by the Grunts. Jun and Six were very happy with the Grunts for this good deed. Six even partied with the Grunts at the Brute Beats LOL club.

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