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A UNSC Frigate is a Human spaceship (therefore it sucks) that was intended to be an effective combat asset. It failed miserably at all the roles it was meant to fill, even if on a suicide mission, playing slayer, or just getting food from Burger Freak. It is PWNed by everything the xenophobic, testicle-chinned freaks has and almost everything the puny, wimpy humans ever had. It has a trunk big enough to hold a fleet of Tanks, Warthogs, and Mongooses combined with enough room left over for 100 Elephants and several whore houses. This is the Hummer of the future, so start saving up for one today (estimated price about $100,000,000). Prices have recently been reduced to $50 due to the Frigate's failure. It's more like a Ford. Trade that clunker in for something better.

Forward unto dawn

A Frigate, just prior to getting turned into bullets

What the hell are Frigates used for?Edit

Frigates are used for many things,

  • to float around in like some gay bird.
  • to move around in. Walk as much as you can since you'll most likely become paralysed while onboard.
  • to sell and make guns, Reach discs, bullets, tanks and anything else that ACTUALLY COULD DO SOMETHING USEFUL!!!
  • to circle around enemy ships while getting pwned.
  • Breeding ground for noobs and homosexuality.

But, because of a certain, *Ahem* Dick,bimbo, and God did stuff in them that made the UNSC think they were useful, they were mass produced and sent many thousands of young noobs to their deaths a better stationing.

Even Lord Hood was all like "Damn, these ships suck harder than Truth's mom! Why do we make such waeful things!???!!!!" But they do have one or two good qualities. Unlike most ships in the UNSC Navy, these ships are equipped with cup holders. Yeah. And on-board bathrooms. That's luxury right there! No more going out an airlock!

Weapon SystemsEdit

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