For those born without a sense of humour, Halopedia has an article on Frieden.

Before the formation of the highly controversial groups of United Earth Empire and the Imperial Navy, the Frieden people thrived. They were a political movement in the Jovian Moons with righteous causes and was backed by the Nazis back in Earth. The Communists didn't like them at all and the Frieden were usual targets of Koslovic rifles and crusades. The Frieden pursued peace by trying to destroy the "True Nazis on Earth" and attacked the UN Colonial Advisors on Io, starting the Jovian Moons Campaign, the Rain Forest Wars, clashes on Mars, all part of the Third World War.

Both the Frieden and the Koslovics were defeated by the UN and surrendered with the piece of wrapper signed in 2170. So, they were just a group of rebels who never won the war and who didn't do what they wanted to do if they have won the war. They probably would made the moon Io into one big factory or into a Death Star.

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